Swimming Programs

Water babies from 6 months

All of our swimming programs  provides safety, enjoyment and overall development are key principles in the water babies program. Swimming is a very important life skill and our small, half hour group classes with the parent or care giver in the water with the child is a very rewarding and bonding experience.

Swimming encourages co-ordination, strength and confidence which we aim to achieve through our fun filled and constructive classes. Physical, speech and emotional development are massively improved upon by introducing your baby to water at a young age.

Learn to Swim: Children from 3

Children: “one on one” lessons for beginners. Children learning to swim with us are given private, intensive lessons, with your teacher guiding them throughout the lesson. These lessons are the perfect start to really getting children comfortable in the water and ultimately progressing them on to the different strokes.

Each child can be focused on as an individual and our teachers offer lots of positive encouragement.

Learn to Swim: Adults

Adults: Maybe you have never had the opportunity of learning to swim or you just need some stroke correction and breathing technique assistance. We offer either “one on one” or shared (one other adult) half hour lessons. Learning to swim is a vital life skill, let us encourage and help to make you a confident and competent swimmer.